Saturday, September 18, 2010

NCS Canada Workshop at Mohawk College!

Hello and welcome to the blog! We're excited to announce that 5 of our members will be holding a day of lectures, workshops and Q&A sessions on Sunday September 26th, from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario.

Ever think, "I like to doodle, draw, cartoon... I wonder how you make a living at that?" Well these five artists will tell you how they did it!

NCSWorkshop Announce

Members will take turns discussing their career paths, their working methods, and the state of the industry for professional cartoonists working in a variety of specialties including newspaper syndication, animation, advertising, book and editorial markets.

Here's who you'll meet:

Sandra Bell-Lundy: Is the creator of the cartoon strip, "Between Friends". Sandra's comic celebrates the essence and angst of three forty-something women friends and is distributed by King Features Syndicate to over 150 newspapers in 13 countries.

Mike Cope: Draws gag cartoons published by Reader’s Digest. Mike specializes in cartoon illustrations for educational publications, and is a member of the Ontario College of Teachers.

Paul Gilligan: Began in advertising and freelanced for many years as an illustrator for editorial, children’s books, comics, storyboarding, character design, etc. In 2000 he began his syndicated comic strip “Pooch Café”, which is in production for a feature at Sony Animation.

John Martz: Is an illustrator and cartoonist living in Ottawa, Ontario. His work can be seen regularly in chickaDEE Magazine. He is currently finishing his first illustrated picture book for Kids Can Press. John began his career as a member of the print and broadcast design department of all of CHUM's stations, including MuchMusic and Space, then developed “Drawn!” a major internationally renowned illustration and cartooning portal visited daily by thousands of graphic arts professionals and students from
around the world. (Drawn! is currently undergoing a shiny new facelift)

Leif Peng: Has been drawing cartoon mascots for major international corporate clients for more than twenty years including the Nestlés Turtle (chocolates), the Quik Bunny and “Pud”, star of the tiny comic strips wrapped around those little pink bricks of DubbleBubble bubblegum. Other clients include MacLean’s magazine, Nintendo (SuperMario, Pokémon, DonkeyKong), and Oxford University Press. He is an instructor and coordinator in Mohawk’s Graphic Design program.

LPCA character sheet

The proceedings will commence at 9:30 am and continue at 45 minute intervals with 15 minute breaks between presentations (Q&A time). A one hour lunch break would take place at 12:30, the workshop would reconvene at 1:30 and continue until 4:30.

Mohawk College map

* More details to come - so drop by often... and please leave comments and questions! :^)


  1. Well - where? how much? what kind of workshops?

  2. I'm glad you asked, Anonymous - the event is free, and the exact room location and other details will be posted in an update first thing tomorrow! :^)

  3. So looking forward to this - coming from London. Can illustrators join the NCS Canada?

    Walter S

  4. Hey Walter; Thanks for your interest. I'm really excited to hear someone's interested enough in our event to come in all the way from London - wow!

    John Martz is our former Chapter President and will be able to explain what the criteria are for membership. :^)

  5. I am delighted to see this new blog, and see the chapter doing events that introduce a new audience to cartooning and cartoonists in Canada. Congratulations. I am sorry that I cannot attend, since I am also doing an event today, but keep it up! A college is an ideal place for meetings.

  6. Thanks Sandra, Mike, Paul, John and Leif our host for the great lectures today. Enjoyed listening to all of your stories and seeing your earlier art work and your current projects. I learned lots and left inspired!

    Thanks again for hosting the event and look forward to more.


  7. Thanks Nancy and Walter! Your encouraging words mean a lot to all of us! Walter, it was great meeting you - thanks for making the trip all the way from London, for staying for so much of the day, and for your excellent contributions to the discussions!

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